Announcement –

In our hunger for wealth and power
We impoverished our home and the earth that sustains us.
We think there will be no consequences,
But we are wrong.
The most important challenge of We Know Not What We Do, is a tough but tender creative medley that presents both the voice of love and the voice of reason, as it sets out to examine the most important challenge of our time: man’s relationship to his environment. The film tells the story of this very misunderstood relationship and how it has caused destruction in both the biosphere and the bio diversity of planet Earth.

We Know Not What We Do is proud to have inspired a new global music project that raising awareness for climate change. We are continuing our legacy with this gift of healing the planet, one song at a time.

Want to make a difference with us? Consider an annual sponsorship of Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker’s global tour of film screenings, book signings, and speaking engagement. Join her in bringing awareness to WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO together. Showcase your product or service and come on the journey to enlighten our country from coast to coast.